mardi, mars 30, 2004

This morning as I left the house for work (5:35 AM) the sky was just beginning to lighten up and was a dark inky blue instead of black. As I stepped from the house I heard a rooster crowing, a mocking bird singing and the hoarse cry of a blue jay. I love the sounds of morning. The air was cool and refreshing.

MK and his son and my little boys and I all went camping last Friday night in Longville. The boys had a blast. Mk and his son had to come back to town early Saturday morning, but I took my boys fishing at my sisters pond which has been stocked with some hybrid Bluegill and Florida Bass. Christian and his buddy Paul also joined us as did my niece Reece.

The Bluegill were biting and the boys caught some nice fish. I spent all my time placing worms on hooks and removing fish from hooks. The boy’s had a lot of fun and they also provided us with part of our supper. I cleaned a mess of fish and baked them in garlic and butter sauce that same evening. (YUUMMM).

We came home Saturday night and the little boys, after a bath, drifted quickly off to sleep. I took a break and watched a DVD of Charade, which is an old Cary Grant, Audrey Hepburn Classic movie.

Sunday morning the little boys and I went to church in Sulphur. The pastor of Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA), Bill Smith, was going to baptise he and his wife Susan’s sixth child (2nd daughter). It was a beautiful event. It’s always a great thing to see a covenant child baptised.

Covenant’s liturgy is longer than Bethel’s. Their liturgy is beautiful, but I think our liturgy (time wise) is better. Bill preached an amazing sermon. I have always liked his style of preaching. I think it is because Bill’s preaching is so similar to that of my late bro-in-law (Ron Davis). I do think Bill is probably the best Bible teacher within a hundred mile (or more) radius of this area.

Morgan and Christian attended Bethel and Lisa was out of town. So the it was just me and the boy’s at Covenant. We ate dinner at the church. They had a feast laid out and there was a lot left over.

Sunday night Bill and Susan had a party at their home to celebrate the baptism of their new baby girl. I would have loved to have attended, but it just was not possible.

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