jeudi, juin 10, 2004

After working last night, I finished this series of graveyards, though the rest of my shift has to work again tonight. Upon leaving the plant Gary J and I stopped at the Circle K for a beer and fellowship before we headed to our respective homes. I got to bed about 6:30 and drifted immediately to sleep.

I awoke this afternoon about one. I was alone and took some time to prayer. After a season of prayer I went outside, sat under the oak in the front of our yard, and began to read. It was warm out, but the grass under the shade of the tree was nice and cool.

I lay on my back with my head leaning on the tree and the monkey grass we planted around the trunk. It was nice laying there reading. There were doves cooing in the trees around me, occasionally a mocking bird would sing or a bluejay let out his hoarse call, and in the ditch at the end of the road, which always has waterin it, a bullfrog joined his voice in with the birds.

I was reading the last of Keith Mathison’s book The Shape of Sola Scriptura. I have read a number of Mathison’s books, and respect him as both a scholar and a writer, but this book was far better and (to my mind) more important than I could have imagined before I read it.

This is the most important book that I have read in at least five years, and maybe as many as ten years. I can not recommend this book to highly.

Coram Deo,

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