vendredi, juin 25, 2004

Today is the third day of nearly constant rain here in South Louisiana, though we did get to see the sun for a little while yesterday evening. I'm home today and out of the rain, but yesterday I had to work in the rain for much of the day (though I was not in the rain as much as the other guys with whom I was working.

Lisa’s very good friend, and her children were in a very bad accident early yesterday morning. Thankfully the children, while badly shaken, came through it unscathed. Lisa’s friend, Kim, is at the hospital in intensive care. She’s banged up pretty badly. Last night, when conscious for a short while she said that she swerved to miss an on coming car in her lane. Thank the Lord; none of Kim’s injuries seem life threatening, so we are hoping for a slow but full recovery.

I took the day off because I was tired and I wanted to be available for Kim and her family if they are in need of any help.

I finished reading Tertullian’s Apologeticum a few nights ago. It was a good read and there were insights there that I found useful. I plan to read more of Tertullian latter, but for know I would like to read some works from other church fathers. This morning I read The Life and Passion of Cyprian, Bishop and Martyr by Pontius the Deacon, who was a disciple of Cyprian in Carthage and not long after writing this short biographical sketch of Cyprian also became a martyr of the Faith of Jesus Christ.
I now plan to begin reading some of Cyprian’s own writings. Cyprian is an important man of the early Church. He, like Tertullian and Augustine was a native of Romanized North Africa.

Lisa and I had a good time at the Turner’s the other night. The other couple were friends of the Turner’s though I had meet the gentleman a number of years ago. All three of us men are members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and so the South and the Late War of Northern Aggression was a fair part of our conversation.
It was good that Lisa and I brought a fifth of Rebel Yell Bourbon (this is Mr. Turner’s preferred whiskey) because they had run dry of the stuff. It was a time of good friends, good conversation, good food, good wine, good dessert, good bourbon and good coffee. That’s hard to beat.

Let me get to other things.
Coram Deo,

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