mardi, juin 29, 2004

I was extremely busy at work yesterday and today, but they have been good days. Yesterday I was working to get a hydrogen compressor ready for machinists to work on. I one point we had to shut down the work because of a thunderstorm. Everyone left the job site, but I stayed and watched an awesome lightening show. For an hour or so I as watched the storm pass just to the north of our plant. It was beautiful.

After a 10 hour work day, I came home and swung my youngest son on the swing that hangs from an oak tree in the front yard. While I was swinging my youngest, Christian, Ryan and our teenage across the street neighbour read the first three chapters of Acts. I joined them latter as they were having a discussion about biblical “stuff.” Later we went for a walk around the neighbourhood (2 ½ miles) and talked.

Today was busy at work again. We were working with the hydrogen compressor again. I was able to leave after just 8 ½ hours today. When I got home it was time to swing both the little boys on the oak tree swing.

Now I am typing and watching the Brit Hume’s news program on Fox News and typing this. I will soon (when Brit Hume is over) get back with the children.

Coram Deo,

Ps. It is still raining every day.
PPS. Lisa's friend Kim is doing much better. She is out of ICU and is recovering.

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