vendredi, novembre 12, 2004

I was able to enjoy most of this week off from work. I returned home from Beaumont Thursday evening a week ago, and did not return to work until yesterday. On Tuesday night The little boys and I went to Longville with our tent, shotgun and .22 rifle. We set up camp on a pipeline clearing on the back part of my parents ten acres. I set up the tent and started gathering fire wood. My brother Terry came and joined us around the fire. We drank a couple of cold beers, talked and watched the boys play, roast weiners and then marshmallows.

The boys had a great time. I let them stay up late and play with sticks by the fire (I was supervising closely) until one of the boys said he was tired. We then crawled into the tent, said our prayers and went to bed. It was cool out, and I slept good (considering I was on a thin piece of foam laid over hard grown). I had hoped the boys would sleep in after staying up late, but that was never going to happen.

They were up by 6 am and ready for me to get the fire going again, which I did. The good thing about camping where I did is mom is near by, and she soon had hot coffee ready.

We spent the day shooting guns and visiting and burning fire wood. The boys had a blast and I was completely worn out by the time we arrived back home (about 5 pm).

Coram Deo,

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