dimanche, novembre 07, 2004

I spent most of election week in Beaumont, Texas. An number of our Refineries Rescue Team members, including me, attended a Roco “Rescue III” training class . The training was great and we were not far from home (Lisa came over so we could go to dinner one night), so it was a good experience.

I was in Beaumont Tuesday for the election, but I had already voted absentee, so I was covered. I knew that turnout to vote was very high, and I expected that to turn things in Kerry’s favor. I was obviously wrong.

I'm trying to kick the information/news junkie habit, and I am doing pretty good. In the old days I would have watched the news from the moment I got back into the hotel until the wee morning hours (like MK did), but instead I went to eat with my other team members, came back to the hotel and read Calvin’s Institutes until I went to sleep.

I did wake up a 3:30 AM. It is then that I turned on Fox News and saw that Ohio and Florida were among the Bush/red states. I new Bush would be around for four more years. I have mentioned a number of times on these blogs that I don’t like the neo-con agenda, which Dubbya and his advisors hold to, but my main concern in this election was the Supreme Court. This President will likely get at least three anointments to the high court. With Bush we will get some (not all) good nominees. Kerry would have given us three very bad choices.

I made it back home Thursday evening, but did not have internet service until today. DSL was giving us some trouble, but BellSouth fixed the problem and we are back online.

Lisa, the little boys and I went to the Lutheran Church (LCMS )again this Sunday. Lisa seems to like the it there, and the Pastor seems to be theologically conservative and solid on social issues as well.

There are some differences between Reformed (my own theological view) and the Lutheran views, but they are not so big that we can not worship there. I do think I will read the Augsburg Confession this week. John Calvin signed the 1540 addition of the confession. I figure that if Calvin could sign it should be OK.

We did get to see how these brethren partook of the Eucharist today. They get up and go to the front of the church to receive the bread and wine instead of sitting in the pews.

Dominus Vobiscum,

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