dimanche, novembre 14, 2004

I’m spending another Lord’s Day working at the refinery. My family is spread out today. Lisa and Morgan are in Monroe and will be attending Auburn Ave. Presbyterian Church. The little boys are with Reaux-Reaux and, like Christian, they are worshipping at Bethel PCA today.

Things are going well today. Matt brought some Ducks and pork (wild hog) and Cudd brought some deer sausage. Matt then made a homemade roux and then cooked an all wild game gumbo. That boy cooks a mean gumbo. He also fried up some of the duck breasts for an appetizer (yum). It was all very good.

We here at work are hoping for a quiet afternoon, because we all ate our fill. This has been a good week for food. While in Longville the other day, my mom cooked up some fresh mustard greens (with bacon), baked sweet potatoes and smoked pork steaks. That is a meal. I don’t get freshly cooked mustard greens very often, and they are so good.

I’ve read a number more articles from Richard Weaver’s book since last noted. I’m still working through Calvin’s Institutes and I’ve also read a number of things from the web, including the Battle for Fallugah.

When off work from the refinery, I’m doing some painting and other chores around our new house.

Coram Deo,

Ps. Andy Richard (pronounced Ree-shard, because it’s Cajun) said that he has not yet appeared in my blog. He's promised to stop and drink a few beers with me just so I will mention him on the blog. He is now officially mentioned, so he has to stop by the house and drink a beer or two on the front porch.

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