mercredi, novembre 26, 2003

I made it to the doctor on Monday. He said everything was looking good thus for. I asked him about going to work and he asked were I worked and if my job required strenuous activity. I informed him that the potential for strenuous work always existed with my job. With that he told me that he would see me again on the 22 Dec.

That means I get to grow my beard for another month. It also means that money is going to be tight for Christmas, but my wife has already bought our children’s gifts so they will not have to do without.

Today I will be helping my wife get things ready for Thanksgiving dinner. Since we are Cajuns, Lisa is making a seafood gumbo for Thanksgiving Dinner. The shrimp and crabs are thawing out in the sink. I'll help by cleaning the shrimp. For y’all who prefer traditional turkey don’t worry, we will be eating with Lisa’s family and turkey will be available as well.

I was hoping to go to Lafayette this evening. It is our friends David (pronounced Dah-veed) and Jon-Ella's anniversary. We were going to meet them at the Blue Moon and listen to some live Cajun Music, but I am not certain we can make it because of all that we need to do for Thanksgiving.

I do hate to miss tonight because I have not seen David and Jon-Ella for some time and because there are some fine musicians playing tonight at the Blue Moon.

Now onto my current reading list. My daughter has talked me into reading the first Harry Potter book. I have been wanting to read it anyway because there was so much hoopla over it (pro and con). I don’t read much fiction and I have been putting this book off for some time. I want to judge it first hand so I am finally taking the plunge. I hope to knock it out pretty quickly. I am also reading John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. This work will be an ongoing project that I don’t plan to finish anytime soon, because it is a massive undertaking (at least for me) and not light reading.

Coram Deo,

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