lundi, novembre 10, 2003

It is 4:30 AM and my alarm should go off soon. I'm scheduled for hernia surgery this morning and so I awoke before my alarm. This is a simple procedure and only day surgery.

I do understand that I will be quite sore and I'm not to lift anything for about six weeks. I hope to catch up on some reading and even finish all the books that I currently have started.

I read incessantly, but with the internet at hand I read fewer books than I used to. I read good stuff on the net, but I need to get back to more good books.

Keep Lisa (my wife) in prayer. She is going to have to take care of me and I am a wimp when in pain (even just a little pain). While I’m convalescing my Doctor (Seep) will help with the pain by bringing over (now and then) some good wine and Scotch. This will be provided for medicinal purposes only, and as a good doctor he will take the prescribed medicine with me to be sure it is working correctly.

Keep us in your prayers!!!

Coram Deo,

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