jeudi, novembre 13, 2003

I'm recuperating nicely from my hernia surgery. I've given up on the painkillers they gave me, because they caused me to sleep too much and then when I wake up I'm nauseated. So they will wind up thrown in the trash.

Because I quit the painkillers, I was able to finish a book today. The book is titled The Christians as the Romans Saw Them by Robert Louis Wilken. It was interesting.Wilken is partial to the arguments of the Roman and Greek pagans, as He readily admits. He says that he wanted to "present them sympathetically within the framework of the ideas that existed before the emergence of Christianity," and he does. It is clear that Wilken has bought into modern higher and form criticisms of liberal theology.

Yet the book is worth the effort.Wilken enlightens you to many of the views, prejudices and cultural concerns of the pagan intellectuals as they confronted the early Christians. I would give it 2½ stars.

Tonight I am watching, with my son, The Princess Bride (on DVD), one of the best comedies ever made (IMHO). While doing this, I am enjoying a glass of Merlot from a batch of wine that I made.

Coram Deo,


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