jeudi, novembre 27, 2003

Today was a nice Thanksgiving. We took our Seafood (crab and shrimp) gumbo and rice to the home of Lisa’s sister where we celebrated and feasted with my wife’s family for a number of hours. Lisa has five siblings and we all have more than the average number of children so it is always quite a gathering when we get together.

After a wonderful time with Lisa’s family we drove thirty miles north to my parent house and enjoyed a good visit with much of my family, where we enjoyed more visiting and feasting.

God has greatly blessed us all in so many ways. Since coming home we've had a leisurely evening. I poured myself two fingers worth of Jim Beam Black and have been relaxing.

Last night I finished reading the first book in the Harry Potter series. After reading it I thought about all the evangelical hoopla about it. I remember reading about its evils, well let me say that if this book is to be condemned as evil than we must also (to be consistent) condemn Bewitched, I Dream of Genie, The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings, Alice in Wonderland, Chronicles of Narnia, etc…

It is a cute book about very obvious make-believe and the Evangelicals that made such a big deal of it could not have bothered to have actually read it. IMHO many Christians looked and were foolish for making such a mountain out of an obvious molehill. There are many real battles that need to be fought, but this was not one of those battles. I plan to read it a loud to my little boys.

Now that I've finished that bit of fiction, it’s time to get back to some more serious reading. I will mention those that I think are worth it when I finish them.

The only things I have planned for tomorrow is taking a scheduled family portrait at Sears and then the LSU vs. Arkansas game. Geaux Tigers!!!

I am hopefull that I will be able to watch the game with my best buddy MK (Seep). MK is an MD and will be on call tomorrow, so I will have to consume his share of the wine, beer, bourbon or Scotch which we (I) will have for the game. :-)

I praise the LORD my God for all his many blessings.

Coram Deo,
Ps. We had to take a raincheck on the Blue Moon, but I hope to go soon.

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