lundi, mai 10, 2004

Saturday was a work in the yard and around the house day for Lisa and me. We had to get things ready for today. Lisa’s family came over for mothers day, my paw-in-law birthday and, since the family was here, our sons upcoming birthday.

Sunday morning I got up and made breakfast for the family. I made some pain perdu (lost bread). That’s the Cajun name for what the rest of the country calls French Toast. Lisa requested this meal for Mother’s Day.

After breakfast we got dressed and went to church. The worship service was good. I was assigned to say the offertory prayer. After church we came home. After changing into shorts and flip-flops, I went to the back porch and got the BBQ pits going. We had burgers and hotdogs, along with all kinds of other good stuff.

It was a nice time with the family. Some folks were playing pitch and catch, others were sitting around talking about everyday stuff. We had a good mothers day.

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