vendredi, avril 09, 2004

I’m off today and have a three day weekend. I’m still on “restricted duty” but next week I will be filling in for Patrick, who has to go to Houston for a couple of weeks. This is good for me, because I will be working 10 hour days. This will help with the bills. There's built in overtime on my regular shift and we have been missing the extra income.

Today is Good Friday, the day we remember the crucifixion (Passion) of our Lord Jesus Christ. Without the passion of our lord there would be no hope of salvation for anyone. All people would be without hope of forgiveness and redemption from the sins of which we all stand guilty of before God (YHWH).

Because of the Resurrection of our Lord, which we will celebrate on Sunday, those who are in Christ have hope of resurrection and eternal life in the presence of the triune God.

I will be home for much of the evening with just the little boys. Lisa is going to a birthday party for one of her lady friends, Morgan is working and Christian has gone to visit his girl friend. So I have grilled some hotdogs for the boys and a steak for me.

I’m reading several books right now and they're all progressing slowly. My time to read is much reduced because I am not working shift work right now. I have much more time to read when I am working nights. I am also reading lots of news, theology, history, etc.. on the web.

I have read the classic biography of Nathan Bedford Forrest titled That Devil Forrest - by John Wyeth. It is a great read. I also recently listened to an unabridged version of Robert K. Massie’s Peter the Great: His Life and World. This too is a great work. Massie is a fine historian and he is a fluid writer. This 48 hour series is worth every minute that it took to listen to it.

Currently I’m listening to Americans at War - by historian Stephen Ambrose. This is only a 12 hour series. The late Stephen Ambrose was, perhaps, the greatest historian of WWII during his lifetime. I should finish this series within a day or so.

I decided to try out a novel on tape, so I checked out Mr. Majestic - by Elmore Leonard. I decided on this book because I saw the movie, which was made from the book in the early 70's. The movie staring Charles Bronson. The book was ok, but the language much more colourful than I like. I may try more fiction in the future, but for now I will stick with the nonfiction stuff I love.

This coming Lord’s day we plan to worship in Longville at the First Baptist Church, where my dad is a deacon. After worship service we plan to go to my parent’s house for Easter dinner and fun. The pastor there, Stuart Graves, is a very good preacher and I have found his sermons to be pretty good. I have to confess that I prefer a more liturgical style of worship than what you find in Baptist churches.

The folks at my own church (Bethel Presbyterian Church) must think I have quit because it’s been so long since I have attended there. Lately I have attended either Covenant Presbyterian Church in Sulphur or First Baptist in Longville for various reasons.

I gotta go,

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