jeudi, avril 15, 2004

This morning as I walked through the parking lot at work I could hear the calls of male Great Tailed Grackles . They are very pretty birds, though they can be pests as well. I love to watch the males this time of year. They strut around and try to out do one another to get the attention and affection of the more plain looking females.

This evening after a spaghetti supper the little boys and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood. We listened to the birds as they sang this evening. We heard a Blue Jay, a Robin, a couple of Mocking Birds (my favourite bird), others I could not identify, and then two Killdeer after sunset.

It was a wonderful evening for a stroll; the air was cool and the sky was mostly clear with only a few small cumulus and cirrus clouds. There were cows out in the pasture just south of us and some flowers are still in bloom I walked at a leisurely pace as the boys ran on ahead. One of them was on foot, and the other was pushing along on a scooter.

We walked and watched the sun sink and then set in the west. It was beautiful to see the blues, purples and pinks in the west as the sun settled below the horizon. We were able to wish on the first star to shine in this evenings sky and we talked about nonsensical stuff that 6 and 7 year old boys find interesting. It was great fun.

Coram Deo,

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