vendredi, avril 30, 2004

This was some week. Lisa is now all better. She was sick starting Saturday night, all day Sunday and Sunday night. I offered to bring her to the emergency room several times, but she did not want to go. She felt much better Monday morning, and thinking all was well decided not to go see her doctor. Monday night she was suffering again. She felt better Tuesday, but went to the doctor anyway. We found out she had a kidney stone. She passed the stone and has been back to her normal self since Tuesday.

Lisa felt so bad that she let me buy a new washer and dryer without her input. That is sick for her!

Wednesday, I took my grandfather (Pawpaw) and cousin fishing at my sisters pond. My mom, dad, brother and sister all joined us. It was practically a family reunion. We caught a fair amount of fish. I cleaned them all and Pawpaw took them home with him.

When I took Pawpaw home; we did the obligatory tour of his garden and fruit trees, which is always a wonderful time for me. I love spending time with this 83 year old Cajun who is much more comfortable speaking French than he is English.

Tonight I am back at work on my regular shift. We have a storm approaching and the weather station is predicting severe lightning, wind and possibly hail. It should be here in about fifteen to twenty minutes, so let me get ready. Refineries don’t like these kind of storms.

Coram Deo,

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