dimanche, avril 11, 2004

We had a wet storm Resurrection Day in SW Louisiana, but we still were still able to Worship our triune God assembled with brothers and sisters in Christ. We worshipped at First Baptist Church in Longville instead of our on PCA church. Pastor Stuart had a good sermon. Of course I disagreed with him on a few points because I hold to Calvinism and Covenant Theology and Bro. Stuart holds to Arminian/baptistic views. But these are not reasons to avoid worshipping with these precious Christian brethren.

We went to my mom and dad’s house after church and feasted on Red beans and rice along with smoked pork chops. Then it was time to sit around a visit over cups of good, dark roasted coffee (Community Coffee of course). My siblings Sandy and Terry were there. Sandy’s husband Brian and my brother Gerry’s widow (Becky) was also there. Two of Gerry’s children were there and Sandy’s daughter (Recie) was also there. The kids were able to have an Easter egg hunt with their cousins when the rain slacked off. They all got a little wet, but they had a great time and that was the most important thing.

Dad and I walked around and looked at his garden and fruit trees during a break in the weather. It was a good visit. This is something I enjoy to do with my dad and my grandfather.

This evening I caught an interesting discussion on C-Span put on by the Center for Strategic and International Studies. They were discussing a book by Thomas Reed titled At the Abyss: An Insider’s History of the Cold War. It was a fascinating discussion on the cold war. There is so much more that we can learn about that era now that the Soviet Union is no more.

I may have to purchase this book. (NOTE: I'm listening to an interview with the former Queen of Iran (on C-Span) as write this). I know most people find this kind of stuff as dull, but I love hearing new ideas, history and different views on things.

I have not been able to post on my other blogs because of circumstances, I hope I can do so in the near future. But for now it is getting late and I need to go to bed. I have to work tomorrow.

Dominus Vobiscum,

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