samedi, octobre 23, 2004

Friday was an ok day for me. I got home from work and went to bed about 6:30 am. Christian woke me at 11:30 am to see the air conditioner repairman. While he was here I called the electric company to try and fix an on going billing error that has come about since our move.
The billing error is fixed, but the AC man said that the problem is with the electrical breaker box and we need an electrician. Ugghh. I think we will see the electrician Monday. Thankfully we have a two units so half the house is cool.

The little boys and I went to the park again today and we raced back home. I did read an essay by Richard Weaver today. The article is “Two Types of American Individualism” and it is in a volume of his essays titled The Southern Essays of Richard M. Weaver . The book is published by Liberty Fund. They put out some GREAT stuff.

I found the article interesting; in it weaver compares the views of John Randolph of Roanoke (a political hero of mine) and Henry David Thoreau , who was a fine writer, but someone whom I dislike him and think little of his views.

This evening Gary and Liz called to see if we would like to go to supper with them. We were able to do so and they picked us up at about 6:45. We went to the local Chili’s Restaurant (love their two for the price of one bar) and ate. We then went dancing for a little while. We were home around 11.

It's way past my bed time.

Dominus Vobiscum,

Ps: I'm still making headway in Calvin.

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