samedi, octobre 16, 2004

Lisa and I had the pleasure of each others company Thursday evening. The two of us went out alone to a local restaurant, where we enjoyed a nice meal and pleasant conversation together. After twenty-one years of marriage I still, very much, enjoy my wife’s company. I think I enjoy her company more now then ever before.

Our night out for fine dining, did through a little kink in our normal routine of home-work and baths for the little boys, but all got done as it was needed.

I did not get much reading done while I was off from work, but I did get some. I am still slowly working my way through Calvin’s Institutes. This is taking even longer than I thought, because he quotes lots of ancient secular and Christian writers, and I go and look them up and read what I can, before returning to Calvin. It is worth the time I am putting into it. I become more impressed with Calvin the more I read him.

I did finish the biography on Thomas Fairfax. It was a good, easy read.

I’m working tonight. Things a pretty quiet here at the refinery. I did bring all fixings for chicken and sausage gumbo tonight. The cool weather has made it down here to the Deep South, and in Cajun Country that usually means gumbo!!!

We all ate our fill and It was very good. (Mitch actually cooked it)

Coram Deo,

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