mardi, octobre 26, 2004

Yesterday was a work in the yard day. I dug up six camellia bushes that were in front of the porch. Gary came over and took them to plant at his house. He did bring a six-pack of Killians. So after we loaded the bushes we sat on the porch and enjoyed a couple of cold beers.

The little boys spotted a racoon climbing in the old oak in the backyard right about their bed time, so we all went outside, me carrying a flash light, and there was the racoon looking down on us. It was not near as excited as the little boys were.

Lisa and Christian came home from the store with a new dinning room set. I started putting it together. MK called while I was working on the table. He had a bottle of wine that needed to be consumed. I told him to come on by. He came over and we had a couple of glasses of Jacob’s Creek Shiraz (2001). It was a good wine. We then went for our walk around the neighbourhood. We talked about a number of issues (political and social) and then had a good time of prayer.

Oh! I also voted absentee yesterday. I will be glad when the election's over.

Coram Deo,

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