jeudi, octobre 14, 2004

We are now back on the web at home. We got DSL from BellSouth. When it is up and running it works fine, but for some reason we can’t access the web at times. We will find out why and (hopefully) get it fixed.

Things are going well. My youngest son has finished his reading to me for the day. He finished an A Beka reader yesterday and started on of our McGuffey’s Readers today. Our next to youngest will be finishing his McGuffey’s Reader in the next few days.

I grilled my first brisket two days ago. It was very good. I had to open a bottle of red wine to enjoy with the meat. It was a cabernet sauvignon and accented the meal wonderfully. Neither Lisa or the kids like red wine, so I have had it all to myself. There are benefits to having a family of semi tea-tottlers. (Lisa likes margaritas and some sweet drinks so my stuff is safe).

The first really nice cool front of the fall season came through this morning and it feels so nice outside. I would really like to go squirrel hunting. I hope I can do so next week when I work off of the graveyard shift.

We are still settling in to this new house. I still have lot’s of painting to do, and more light fixtures to change, but we are making headway.

I got a very bad headache while I was watching the presidential debate last night. It was a sinus headache and not caused by the debate (though it could have been). I’m glad the debates are over. I missed most of the first one, caught all of the second one and watched a little more than half of the last one before I went and buried my aching head under a pillow in a very dark room (to help my head).

I don’t think the debates are of much use for someone serious about the truth. They are interesting to hear spin, lies, half truths and rhetoric, but this is not what you depend on if you want to make an informed decision. Sadly though, this is where lots of folks will make their choice from.

I am not a member of either major political party, but at sometime in the past I had belonged to each at one time. I started out, like so many Southerners as a conservative democrat. But I became disillusioned with the Democratic Party very early on. I switched to the Republican Party after acquiring and reading the 1980 Democratic Presidential platform.

What I read in that platform shocked me. It was the platform of fellow Southerner Jimmy Carter and it was liberal to the gills. It had strong socialistic leanings, was pro-abortion and pro-homosexual rights. After I read the platform, I returned it to the co-worker who had loaned it to me. I thanked him and then went to the courthouse and changed party affiliations.

My leaving the Republican Party was not so dramatic. I simply don’t want to be a part of a party that I differ with on so many points. I am far closer to them than I am to the modern Democratic Party, but that is not saying a whole lot.

I have voted for people from both parties (and third parties), even when I belonged to a particular party. I have never voted a "party ticket" and never will. I will vote for the candidate that I think can do the best job no matter which party he/she belongs to, with this exception. I will never again vote for a Democrat to fill an office in Washington D.C.

I can not vote to put even a good democrat in the US House, US Senate or the Presidency. Party politics are too big a deal there and the Dems are too beholding to pro-abort, homosexuals, left-wing demagogic civil rights types (e.g. Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc...) and other assorted political degenerates.

When it comes to the US Congress or the President, I will be voting Republican (often while holding my nose) or I will vote third party.

Coram Deo,

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