dimanche, octobre 03, 2004

I am at work tonight on overtime. I have to post from here because we still have not been hooked up to the internet at the new house. That is my fault, I will try to do something about it this week.

So far, here at work, the night has been fairly quiet in my area. I hope that continues for the whole weekend, because I will be out here tomorrow night (on overtime) again, then I should be off work until Thursday morning, when I will start my regular shift.

All the kids seem to like our new house and neighbourhood and things are slowly getting ordered at our new house. It’s been slow getting completely settled there because Lisa fell and hurt her tailbone (and got a black eye) about two weeks ago. She is getting around ok, but she still hurts and there is much that she can not do.

I have met a few of our new neighbours. One neighbour, Jody, works in maintenance out at the plant. I’ve known her for a number of years and she’s a nice lady. I met her husband the other day; and he seems to be an ok guy. Another neighbour, who I have met only once, is an eighth grade history teacher. I love history and hope to talk with him more.

Our next door neighbours to the south (Stan and Beverly) are old friends of our good friends TK and Kelly. They all attended First Baptist Church of Sulphur for many years together. Our neighbours still attend there and Stan teaches Sunday school there and I think he’s a deacon as well. These folks seem to be very nice and I've spoken with them on a number of occasions.

I think Lisa and kid’s are going to go to Morgan’s boyfriend’s church (Sales Street Baptist Church) tomorrow. I hope to wake up in time to make the 1pm service at Covenant Presbyterian Church (PCA) here in Sulphur.

I am still reading (slowly) in Calvin’s Institutes and I’m reading his letters as well. I am also making good headway in John Wilson’s biography of Thomas Fairfax (a Puritan general in the English Civil War). I’ve also started reading The Real Lincoln by Thomas DiLorenzo .

Let me get back to work.

Coram Deo,

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